Self-Esteem Boosting Counseling

Can you relate to one of the following questions?

Is it true that how people think of you is very important to you?

Do you always feel anxious in the social gathering and worry that you may say or do something wrong and feel embarrassed?

Is it difficult for you to say no to people? Because you worry that other people may think you are not a “nice” person?

Do you experience fear of judgment and not sure how to overcome it?

Do you feel “unwanted” when people do not return your call or email?

If you can nod to one of above questions, then you may benefit from self-esteem boosting counseling.

What is self-esteem boosting counseling

People with low self-esteem are lack of confidence and they think little of themselves. In addition, they have trouble identifying their own strengths. They tend to compare themselves to other people and focus on their own weakness. When they make mistakes, they tend to blame on themselves and think negatively about themselves, such as “I am so stupid”, “I can’t do anything right”, “Nobody likes me”…etc. These critical inner voices are so strong which make people with low self-esteem believe these thoughts are real and they internalize these criticisms. A lot of people with low self-esteem are overachievers or perfectionists. Even when they reach great achievements in their personal life, they are still not happy.

People with low self-esteem struggle with self-worth and they are hypervigilant to people’s comments. They have tendency to seek others’ approval and they feel frustrated when they cannot meet people’s expectations. But, their struggle will stop here after they receive self-esteem boosting counseling.

The self-esteem boosting counseling is based on the research of Brené Brown, Jon Kabat Zinn, and Tara Brach. It is especially designed for people who experience low self-esteem issues. It uses the concept of self-compassion, mindfulness, and radical acceptance to assist clients change unhelpful thinking pattern, identify own blind spots, and build resilience in their lives.

What self-esteem boosting counseling can do for you

  • Increase ability to be more assertive and be able to express own opinions;

  • Feel more comfortable about confrontation and know when to say no if people have unreasonable requests;

  • Not afraid of making a mistake and feel okay when there is one;

  • Feel more comfortable and confident about social situation;

  • Be able to identify and know how to appreciate own strengths and positive traits;

  • Not be trapped by guilt, shame, and other strong emotions;

  • Replace self-hatred with self-compassion and self-worth;

  • Accept who you are, live genuinely...and more!