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Autumn Sky

Stephanie Jaime-luna, LMSW

"mindfulness, skill building, introspection, and self-awareness are catalysts to peace, happiness, and transformation."

Flower Buds
Stephanie is a person-centered therapist here to assist you in
creating the change you want to see within.

With collaboration, authenticity, skill building, and empathy, she provides the space you need to learn, reflect and grow.

She supports adults in fostering positive mental health and  well-being, developing healthier relationships with others,      managing emotions that seem overwhelming, and learning      how to navigate conflict in a healthy, positive way.

Stephanie is ready to assist you in navigating anxiety,         distress, feelings of sadness that may arise out of nowhere,  grief, thoughts of unworthiness, or trauma that may prevent you from developing healthier patterns and experiencing the life and relationships you desire.

As an eye-movement desensitization andreprocessing (EMDR) trained clinician, Stephanie is mindful of the long-term effects that trauma can bring. Consequently, she works from a trauma-focused lens and strength-based perspective. Aside from EMDR,she utilizes a range of therapy modalities: dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, and humanistic perspectives.
She look forward to supporting you on your journey of

self-discovery and emotional wellness. 

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